The History of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Amongst the Ruling Elite - Part 4

The Saddest Story Ever

But what of us mere citizens? As I outlined in Part 1 of this series, for us the rules have always been different. We are not allowed to kill and most of us cannot afford plastic surgery let alone plastic surgery addiction. 

Regardless, the real ruling class monsters on this planet, like all good narcissists, are still keen to point the finger of blame in our direction.  

Because while our leaders consider a mistress or two and ordering the death of their enemies (with terrifying weapons of war) just part and parcel of what life owes them, the media now shows no sympathy whatsoever for citizen’s pushed or tempted across this same line. And woe betide to any of us who show sympathy for them.

The Josh Powell case comes to mind. This is a real life story of a man with very limited people skills, from a horrendously abusive upbringing, who appears to have murdered his wife in a domestic dispute (there was a wet patch with fans on it on the floor of his lounge room the night after she disappeared that was never tested for her blood) and removed her body to parts unknown. This act could hardly have been premeditated as he was left in the position of having to take his two young boys along with him on this ghastly outing. Gruesome yes - but wouldn’t a totally cold hearted man have just left the boys at home unattended? If you have ever travelled with young children you will understand the huge effort involved in him deciding to bring them along. 

Then after months of accusations, hounding, threats and him being ostracized by his community and forced back to live with his sexually abusive father - in desperation Josh Powell blew himself up with his two boys beside him. 

This is a terrible story - but it gets even worse, because next the news reported that he had attacked the boys with a hatchet before the explosion. The first reports came out about this less than a day after the event and also stated “no weapon had been found”. Later reports claim that a hatchet was found by the first officers arriving on the scene and so in this there appears to be some discrepancy. If you see the state of the house where they found the bodies, how could anyone know so soon what had caused the injuries to the boys necks and heads, especially when there was no witnesses to see Josh taking an ax to them? 

I am tortured by what Josh Powell did to his family, but I am not going to say I don’t understand it and that I don’t have any sympathy for him, just to protect myself from public opinion.

There are so many people out there totally emotionally unequipped for family life and all of it’s challenges. Instead of everyone saying that they can’t understand it why can’t even just one reporter  have the courage to say that after Josh killing his wife he probably still missed her terribly and in all of his guilt and despair saw killing himself and the boys as the only way he could (with his limited personal resources) figure out how to bring his family back together?

I do not see a monster here. Instead I see a tragedy that makes me weep to consider it. How many families out there who only want to love each other are hurting each other instead? But instead of seeing this as a major epidemic in society that is calling out for emotional intelligence training in schools (and not just corporations) instead the news rushes to put an ax in Josh Powell’s hand to push him across the monster line so we can just point a finger and breath a sigh of relief that we don’t have to notice that the problem is all around us. We fear that if we show sympathy for violent criminals we will be ostrasized for understanding that this disease is part of all of us. 

Do I condone Josh Powell’s actions? No, quite the opposite. I believe much more should have been done to charge Josh with murder -- as well as de escalate the threat he obviously posed to himself and his boys.  

But rather than making monsters of the Josh Powells of this world, I believe that all citizen’s of this planet need to be judged by the same rules and laws and our rulers need to spend more time considering the problems we all face together as a society instead of plunging the whole world into psychopathy and debt with their warmongering and adultery. 

Josh Powell should have been tried by a court and faced whatever sentence was handed down to him - instead he was tried by the media with not one person mentioning all of the broken husbands and fathers out there with absolutely no map to guide them in being good husbands and fathers, and no education in handling the negative emotions that inadequacy brings up in them. Josh Powell was obviously already in severe psychological crises at the time his wife disappeared with him as the main suspect. Doesn’t anyone else out there see the warning signs in these tragedies? It is well past time that the police began doing risk assessments on young families the first time any act of domestic abuse is reported and steps taken with the whole family to de-escalate the conditions that lead up to these tragedies. 

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