The History of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Amongst the Ruling Class - Part 3

More on Monster Making

In part two I discussed the mistaken idea that being cold and heartless equals being more mature.  
It is because of a similar unbridled human competitiveness that plastic surgeons had to develop a map of what is attractive in a human face. 

Otherwise their patients would forever be wanting bigger and bigger lips and bigger and bigger eyes to 'out do' others with their beauty and in so doing, unwittingly cross ‘the monster line’.

For whenever we start believing we are (or can be) superior to anyone else, we unwittingly take steps down the path towards making our self into a monster ...

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  1. As a volunteer in a counselling in Fulham, I can sense that a lot of people are getting more wary of the beautiful and flawless faces and bodies of tv personalities. I know a lot of friends who are considering of going under the knife because of their growing physical dissatisfaction. It is really in our great initiative to address this issue.


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