and other horror hastags ...

The horror of a peer-attached society becomes clear every once in a while with a trending hashtag on Twitter.com.

The #awkardsundays and #bedofshame hashtags showed us earlier this year just how shallow some men can be. The fact that a celebrity from TV was the catalyst for the seriously low and demeaning stream of copycat tweeters made it understandable in a sense. Those without a moral compass look to those from TV to help show them what is 'hip'. "Hey, if Geordie is doin' it, it should be OK right?"

Wrong, guys.

The shock that the latest wave of nastiness on the hashtag #DumpTheHoe was not so much a shock at how low men are prepared to go in making public statements highlighting their misogyny, (although it truly is shocking). The completely deflating slant on this story is about the lows that other WOMEN and GIRLS are prepared to go to to stoke the fire of this misogyny.

Some examples below, (I didn't include the really nasty ones).

What are we expecting from each other? Is this what we've come to? How awful it must be to be on the singles scene these days.

Narcissism can be described as the voice inside us that tells us we're better than others, that we can blame the shortcomings of others for the reason why we are who we are. What this 'trend' is telling us is a sad and sorry facet of a disconnected society that has forgotten what it means to be real with each other.

Steve Cooper


  1. hey steve,
    I'm single and yes, misogyny is alive and well as singles 'support' and justify why a great catch like them is still single- not their fault.....of course.
    Thanks for your always great reads and learnings as I come to grips with my own self interested short comings.

  2. I am at a loss to understand the hatred that runs through som many people's tweets. :-(

  3. I am at a loss to explain how so many people can have such a poor filter when it comes to public commenting. Really, the standards are becoming so low. :-(

    1. Great post, thank you for sharing.
      I think what you said about those without a moral compass is the answer. The more research I do, the more it is evident that only around 20% of humans have their own moral compass. History shows it's always been that way, there's just way more humans now, so that 80% is extremely overwhelming. Combine that with the overabundance of wealth, and with that access to mass communication and travel, and you've got a giant network of people who follow whatever they get off on. People with their own moral compass have the ability to discern right from wrong, and don't follow their lowest compulsions, and don't follow a "leader" into depravity. They seek to do well toward others, not to do things to hurt others because they're getting off on it, or getting something out of it. There have been so many horrible dictators and "conquerors" throughout history, and every single one of them pulled off what they did because they had a HUGE following of support and personal protectors. We can rationalize all day that people were afraid of them, but the truth is, most humans really do not want to think for themselves, or discipline their own behavior. Having a moral compass is really just too much work.

    2. I know everyone is trying to live in the now, but have you though of going back to were the N started in all your lives. Go back to the first point of your pain.you took it in.it wasn't even your fault...you were little ,maybe even still in the womb. You must acknowledge the pain first ,release it out to our creator,and have a inner healing to more on. We all need you to be healed,especially our children so the cycle can be broken, no more curse.


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