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Please read part one of a 'Women of g+' interview with me here ...

In this interview Margie D Casados asks me some very personal questions about Steve and my marriage and the thinking that got me started on the path that has transformed our marriage.

'Women of Google+' refers to Google's new social media platform which I just love.

Since people's in boxes have been more and more cluttered with junk mail - I have been looking for a new platform  a little more private and exclusive than Facebook) to get together with you on -- and it looks like g+ is just what I have been after.

If you haven't tried G+ yet please get started here;


My social media tech advisor (Chris Lang) tells me that it is important that I tell you to please use you real name when you sign up if you want searches for your name ranking well in Google.

I use gmail too and that makes g+ really easy as I get notifications of new posts right in the tool bar in my inbox.

Very soon Steve and I will be setting up a 'hangout' on g+ where we can even host live interactive group get togethers you can join in on.

I will write a new post here about that soon but for now, please check out Margie D Casados's interview;

Looking into the Eyes of Narcissism

I look forward to your comments!

Kim Cooper
PS. If you decide to follow me on g+ you should know that if someone really wants to look through my list of followers they will be able to see that you follow me!

However a great feature of g+ is  that  when you make new friends in our discussions you can add them  to a new circle and then your posts about narcissism or relationship matters will only be visible to that circle. If you want to see a short demonstration of circles (not by me!) you can check out a short YouTube movie about it here;



  1. Just visit my profile here;


    and add my to a circle!

    Kim Cooper

  2. Is it ok to remain anonymous?


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