How Authorities Could Help Baby Lisa be Returned ...

Baby Lisa - Manic 'Rescue' Bid by a Drunk 'Friend' of Mom's?

I have spent many hours examining the details of this case and the following are the conclusions I have come to from what I have seen so far;

I suggest if the police set an amnesty of 'no punishment and no questions asked' for the safe return of Baby Lisa (alive and well) that Baby Lisa would most likely be reunited with her family within 24 hours. 

After this I would suggest that Baby Lisa’s mother read 'Seven Weeks to Sobriety' and her father give up his night shift job and find new work where he can be home with his wife and children at night. In time and with work put into building trust (while offering support) to his wife, Baby Lisa’s mother may feel secure enough to share more details about the events of the night in question (with her husband) and relieve her (most likely) overburdened conscience. 

I doubt very much that the people responsible for kidnapping baby Lisa are dangerous or likely to commit this type of offense again and I do not believe the kidnapper is a complete stranger to the family. The person who has Baby Lisa now is probably protecting the man who first took Baby Lisa from being identified.  

I could offer a highly detailed profile of this man - but in this case I believe it is probably in the best interests of the family that the details remain private and the kidnapper remain anonymous. 

These views are obviously only my opinion. 

It seems we have been conditioned to look for an evil motive or sinister intention in these cases but in this case I believe that the kidnapper's own emotional traumas from childhood were triggered by a situation which was also fueled by alcohol and led to a somewhat manic and over protective response. 

Kim Cooper


  1. I have wondered myself if it was a matter of something going awry that night of mom partying while dad's at work, as there has been very little publicly said about the man that was with her that night. I can see that someone may have taken the baby for her own protection. It is quite the media event here, with updates on the local Kansas City news several times a day. The introduction of the New York detective, the lawyer that defended other high-profile cases, etc. All paid for by someone who wishes to remain anonymousThe mom's teary performances for the cameras while covering up her box-of-wine party the night Lisa vanished. Because of those elements, I thought for a bit that they may even have done it to get attention and money for their 'story' as others have been prone to do lately: create a story to get in the spotlight or to get their own reality show. Remember the balloon boy hoax?

  2. It's been a frenzied media circus here in Kansas City. Baby Lisa isn't always the lead story these days but is still in the top five, especially if there's something new to report like the cops searching somewhere that day. A private detective and high-profile defense attorney paid for by and anonymous donor make frequent talk-show appearances and holding press conferences while very little information has been produced. The mom's teary early performances when she knew she had held a box-of-wine party with a guy that was not the baby's father the night Lisa disappeared. Call me cynical, but someone is hoping to make some money off the case, eventually. I thought early on that either the whole thing is a hoax, or someone took the little girl for her own protection from the drunk mom.


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