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Baby Lisa - Manic 'Rescue' Bid by Drunk 'Friend' of Baby Lisa's Mom?

Kyron Horman - Not One Scrap of Evidence that Kyron was Harmed when he Disappeared ...

Casey Anthony - Part 1

Casey Anthony - Part 1 - Addendum

Casey Anthony - Part 2

Many of my conclusions in these cases will fly in the face of general public opinion and that is the reason I think my ideas are worth sharing. If these cases were obvious more of them would be solved.  

The incidence of psychopathic serial killers in the general population is so low that no one really has accurate figures - yet somehow this has come to be the first suspicion which comes to mind when we hear of a child that has gone missing. 

There are many other more common reasons children go missing and I believe a better understanding of family dysfunction and it's dynamics could certainly help solve some otherwise baffling cases. 

I think people also need to consider that it may not always be in the best interest of a child to be found. 

I will add more cases as I am able and welcome requests to look into particular cases of interest. 

Of course I will not always be right, but my suggestions will always fit the facts as far as I know them while also being psychologically plausible scenarios. 

If a lot of people get interested in one particular case then Steve and I might consider doing a show on it.

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Hang in There!

Kim Cooper


  1. Lots of interest in the Sky Metalwala case from Bellevue, WA (Near Seattle)

  2. I didn't think that the case of Casey Anthony will take that long, especially under the courts of that state. It took a lot of time before they solved the case.
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