Casey Anthony Part 2

How Could Casey Anthony Possibly be Innocent when She didn't Report Caylee Missing for 31 Days?

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In Part One of this series Steve and I revealed that neither of us believe
Casey Anthony responsible for Caylee's death and who we believe the
true killer is and why.

None of this makes much sense however until we get an idea of why Casey
acted so unconcerned for her daughter's welfare and never reported her missing

In Part Two - Steve and I explain what we believe the reason for this may have been.

We will give listeners a new framework, from the perspective of narcissistic personality disorder, to help make sense of the baffling fact Casey never reported Caylee missing and why she acted so unconcerned for her daughter's welfare.

I think the disconnect in this case, and why it haunts us all so, is because on the surface it appears yet another heartbreaking but unfortunately all too common case of child murder at the hands of an over reactive parent; a crime committed by a person too immature and ill equipped to deal with the challenges of parenthood. Scratch a little deeper however and things just don't add up. If Casey is so conniving and devious, why are her lies so transparent and why is she so lacking in charm?

The next thing that stands out is the evidence this murder was premeditated. Premeditated murder is a completely different crime to that of someone who snaps and becomes violent in the heat of the moment.

Even the monstrous stories of child killings for revenge in divorce cases have an element of emotionality to them. Emotionality which this apparent long-term premeditated murder of a two-year old child, by her own mother, is completely lacking.

In this purported "planned" disposal of Caylee, purely for her mother's short term "freedom from care", we see something I believe to be so entirely new as to be entirely false.

In the heartfelt and compelling novel "Cider House Blues," the reader is made privy to the heartrending history of nearly every aspect of abortion, and its defense in times when women living with addiction and in poverty --with prostitution as their only means of support-- would sometimes be driven to murder their infants while still babes. We also read in this same novel the horrible situation of a young girl pregnant from incest and wonder at the relational and societal struggles a child born in that situation might face. A steady theme of Cider House Blues is the terrible and sad fate of unwanted children left up for adoption. If only the stories in this novel were just fiction! Yet almost everyday in the news, if you search for it, we hear reports of emotionally unstable people neglecting and abusing their children and in undeveloped countries, parents, in dire poverty, selling their children to agents of vice.

Yet while, by necessity, we have become somewhat hardened to these terrible facts of life, you will find that late term abortion is still a shocking taboo to nearly everyone polled.

All of these topics I believe are relevant in the Caylee Anthony case.

For a woman with the affluence and availability of childcare options that Casey had, premeditated murder with no other mitigating circumstances is, in all my reading and life experience, something so completely unique that to me it's just not credible.

In this case I also believe the media has been quick to feed the primitive fires of fear of our younger generation.

To be honest, all of the recent articles on the epidemic of narcissism in Gen Y appall me. As we grow older it is natural to feel threatened by those younger and more beautiful than us, to some degree. But if left to choose who scares me the most (knowing what I do about NPD) it would definitely be the baby boomers who grew up with their peers always on hand to rationalize and approve every greedy and selfish decision they decided they must make in their lives. That's why education and tools for healing NPD are so important to society. A healthy individual ushers their offspring into adulthood with firm and loving guidance while entering his own next stage of life with purpose. A life and ego shattered by abuse turns on their own offspring out of a distorted sense of survival.

Okay, but please understand I really am not wanting to make generalizations here, because in truth I believe we all have this potential within us. Think about what you would not do to protect your current lifestyle if faced with destitution and social disgrace (in the eyes of your peers) and you might start to see what evil you are capable of that is normally invisible in yourself.

Sometimes a murder suspect acts unconcerned around the time of a murder and its investigation, not because they are callous, but because in fact they are innocent, and we are simply not aware of the other stories that may have been playing out in their life.

If we start to suspect people, simply for behaving as if they were innocent, where can we go as a society but down from there? Their behavior may seem irrational or callous to us simply because we don’t understand.

We do not believe that Casey was totally innocent, and this is exactly why we believe she cannot admit her shame at her own involvement in these events.

In this show we put forward a scenario which would explain Casey's lack of concern and free-wheeling behavior after Caylee's disappearance. While we are not excusing it, it does give a bit more insight into what we believe the psychological drivers may have been and who we believe the true murderer in this case to be.

Kim Cooper

Part Two ...
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  1. Where are all the comments on these hypotheses??! I can't be the only one so please tell me where to properly look to post. Last week fine, I agreed even though nothing new seemed presented. Then this week, boom, tons of stuff all at once! The gap-myth-crack deal is quite interesting regardless, in general, but certainly w/r/t this case. I was onboard to listen until you said they forgot to have someone report Caylee missing, that if she'd been reported earlier it might have been swept under rug-- it seems if anyone had reported Caylee missing earlier Cindy would have had to find out as there would be Amber Alert for child, it'd be on TV and LE all over the house and prob. really looking at Casey trying to pin it on her. Why would you think it'd be quickly forgotten? If a teenager missing, yes, but not a toddler.Toddler=big investigation esp if photogenic like Caylee, missing & with that story of Casey's about Zanny--it'd be all over the nation except earlier. I dunno.. seems if anything if Geo. framed Casey it made Casey look even guiltier to not have reported. I don't think he left it to chance. Never before been so puzzled by something as this're explaining a lot, even if speculating/opinion/etc, about liars, dysfunctional families. I hope you using this case helps get the word out. I'm a just-retired psychiatric nurse and find your site so informative for the important functional things that hospital patients aren't there long enough any more to learn. You're doing a great service, have interesting viewpoint. Thanks.

  2. Thankyou Anon - and yes I had been hoping for more ideas on this case instead of everyone talking about us!!! I think you are right in what you say too. Unfortunately Australia is a big country and people disappear way to often here without getting much attention - but I think you are right that with a toddler there would have been so much media attention if Caylee's disappearance was reported sooner. I really hope more people write in their ideas because there is so much more to this case than meets the eye and we certainly can't see all of it from the other side of the world!

    Kim Cooper

  3. Thanks for response & clarification. In remote rural parts of US kids likely can disappear otherwise no. So people still feeling subject too hot? Fact is I swore I wouldn't spend a penny for anything Casey-related, but your site's viewpoint is such an exception as I've followed it (& given it out to patients) for some time, so knew it would have some substance... plus as soon as Casey's attys came out w/ opening statement I thought aha--dad's involved, she had to be covering for someone important to her to keep quiet... then defense led nowhere, which is part of why people so furious at the outcome--catharsis after such a buildup. Your theory of Casey thinking Caylee would be in a better situation so she was very happy mid-June onward makes more & more sense. When you bring up Lee, pls address why you think he was involved so early, unless just to split them off from Cindy further I guess, and also at what point did Lee move out? was he still living there full time when Caylee went missing? Thanks. Cheers down under!

  4. ... MY TWIN and I ... have watched this from day 1 on Nancy Grace ... and have had soo many thoughts about this case(y) ... I'll try and keep it short? #1 " Xanny" the Nanny ...doesn't exist for 2.5 yrs ... so /what (other than Cindy) did Cacey do with Calee? ... THEORY ... Casey would give Calee ... 'Xanax' -To tranquilizer Calee ... (not to intentionally kill her) but to put her "OUT" for several hours ... when Casey would go "OUT".. ' AND when 'XANAX became unavailable ... Casey looked up "KLORIfORM" a much cheaper option AND... we believe Cacey unintentionally gave Caley An OVERDOSE ... thanks, julie ps. more to come ... feel free to give me your opinion ! (: and theories ...

  5. Steve and Kim - Your theory is compelling and answers many questioned that have so far been unanswered. I have seen this scapegoating in my husband's family; my husband is the scapegoat and has NPD. Nothing is expected of him, yet he is criticized if he does nothing (always set up for criticism). I have also witnessed the far-fetched ideas and think you are definitely onto something. It answers why Casey didn't report Caylee missing, which I think is what outraged so many. I felt something wasn't quite right about this whole case, but couldn't come up with an alternative to Casey killing her little girl. The scenario you present also makes me very sad, and angry. Too bad he didn't really set up an adoption so someone could give that beautiful little girl the love she deserved. Such a sad tragedy. I am curious how you came up with this theory!

  6. It's possible that George hacked into Casey's facebook account and typed those messages pretending to be her. I think he did the chloroform search.

  7. I am very surprised more people aren't commenting about this. You have put this in a new light for me. Another theory I have, that grew from thinking about yours, is that Caylee did die in an accident in the pool. It was on George's watch, and either he left the ladder down and she got in the pool while he should have been watching her, or used extremely poor judgment and left a three year old in the pool alone. He then told Casey that he had given Caylee to another family to cover it up (perhaps they had discussed it previously, and now he acted like he had gone ahead with it), which is why she wasn't worried. He may have even told her that she would get to see Caylee, she just wouldn't be responsible for her anymore.

    The NPD comes into play because he would rather have his daughter face murder charges than admit his negligence. He may have told Casey that he would cover all legal expenses, and give her additional money throughout her life if she took the blame, and he may have promised to come forward with the truth if she was convicted. He may have gotten Casey and Cindy to go along with it by saying, "Hey, it was an accident. I shouldn't get in trouble for it." The only think I can't figure out. . . if Cindy was ready to leave him before, why hasn't she done so after this?!

  8. Can I suggest that the reason people aren't really commenting on this very much or coming up with their own hypotheses is:
    a. if you live outside the US (which I do and which you guys do too, so surprising this is the article being focused on) it's not a big news item and we know little of the details
    b. those that do live in the US and are across the details are maybe just too saddened by the whole thing to look at it in a 'logical', removed sort of way and start making comments about who the killer is
    c. are you afraid at all of being sued for defamation if your suspicions are incorrect? I understand that you're using this case to highlight the importance of the issue but it's a pretty huge thing to accuse someone of murder unless you have access to evidence. I'm not sure whether people are concerned about that - I must say that was my first thought when I listened to your audio file (which was very interesting btw).

  9. Hi Everyone - and to anon that asks if I am worried about being sued ... this is an op ed piece - which means editorial opinion and the suggestions we put forward are just that ... our opinion and always put forward as such. The legal advice we received told us that this and the fact we do not live in the US makes it very unlikely George would be able to sue us for our opinions on this case. As for it not being a big case outside the US - I do agree and it took me awhile before I noticed this story myself. About 80% of our audience is in the US however and the shows have been very popular and so I just hope more people decide to start commenting.

    As for the idea that Caylee's drowning was accidental - I guess that could be the case but there is a lot that points otherwise. I mean the timing of this happening just at the point George was about to lose everything and the fact that a false identity had been set up for the nanny - by someone who was female and Casey's age all suggest to me that this was indeed premeditated murder. I also wonder why the pool box had been dragged next to the pool if it wasn't for George to stand on? As for Cindy, I do not believe she knows anything about what happened and watching her cling to George now through all the drama is what made me decide to cover this case. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched a codependent cling to a lying and cheating spouse and buy into their lies at the expense of their kids reputation - just because they can't face the truth.

    Sure Cindy wanted to divorce George - but now it would seem she is right back to feeling she cannot live without him. The song remains the same ...

  10. If George is responsible, I hope that Casey will come forward at some point. If it's true, he has ended his granddaughter's life and ruined his daughter's. I hated Casey as much as anyone, but now I feel perhaps George was responsible, which makes me feel somewhat sorry for her. As it stands, she has no chance at any kind of a life, even though she wasn't convicted.

    I made earlier comments, and would like to respond to the person who said the case makes people sad and they aren't able to remove themselves from the emotion and look at it logically. This story makes me sick, no matter who killed Caylee, which I suppose is what makes me want to know the truth even more. Caylee was a precious little girl; I only wish Casey had given her up for adoption as she originally wanted to.

  11. Hi again Kim, I didn't realise most followers from the US, being located in Australia I assumed you'd have mostly Australian followers.

    I get what you're saying and obviously you've done the necessary legal enquiries, but I'm still a bit uncomfortable about this whole thing. Say for argument's sake George is a grieving grandfather who wasn't involved in Caylee's disappearance (even if there's only a 10% chance that's true). Yes, he's got some other issues and isn't perfect but if he wasn't involved in the Caylee issue it makes me feel a bit sad that these things are being said, even as an opinion.

    It's like the cases where people (usually men) are falsely accused of sexual assault and then even when it's found not to be true they are still treated suspiciously and it can ruin their relationships, career, etc.

    Isn't this a little bit like 'trial by media'??

    Anon who's concerned about you being sued.

  12. Hi anon,

    I think you will find that we are more sympathetic to people with NPD on this site than you will find just about anywhere online and we are not the only people of the opinion that George shows signs of this disorder.

    This is also a very specific audience here of people wanting to understand NPD better. These shows also did not start until the trial was over and had come up with very few answers.

    Casey on the other hand was tried by the media relentlessly from day one in mass media coverage ...

    One small voice in her defense surely cannot be seen to be so harsh really can it?

    Yes there are many men wrongly accused of sexual abuse but there are many more who scapegoat their children for their own crimes and affairs leaving their children helpless to defend themselves.

    That scenario is rarely talked about but is highlighted in these shows with our version of events.

    I know a man with NPD who would once pump up his teenage son by saying, "You are my alibi", as if that was a position to be proud of. He told the whole family that he was spending time and money on this son that really he was spending on his mistress; leaving his son alone most nights or working washing dishes and eating microwaved junk food and trying desperately to find a way to finish high school on his own with no one to support him.

    No one else in his family knew this boy was alone, and of course he was in no position to tell them otherwise. All this while his dad drove around town in his sports car treating his mistress to fancy food and entertainment.

    Why didn't this boy tell his step-mother that his dad was cheating on her and he wanted to live with her and not in the dingy apartment that had been organized for him? Because he didn't want to hurt her and feared she was not strong enough to handle the truth.

    Children of NPD parents grow up in households divided by secrets and lies and the pain and confusion this causes can hardly be credited.

    If George has any problem with our opinions he is more than welcome to write to us. From what I have heard however it would seem he only shows if there is money on the table.

    Watching him releasing balloons while Cindy clings to him - with his children's lives ruined (or tragically ended) is more than I can stand watching and stay quiet.

    Kim Cooper

  13. Totally agree with Kim and Steve's theory. A father's influence is stronger than people realize.

    It goes back into evolutionary psychology - it was the men, with their testosterone-based strength, size, and propensity for compartmentalization and war-like behavior, that kept the tribe safe.

    Compounding this, if the estrogen-based (therefore responsive - if the women didn't respond to the babies' cries, tribe dies), responders didn't follow the testosterone-based initiators, then they knew those more war-like men might turn on them, too.

    The journey in maturation is for testosterone-based people to become more caring and responsive to others' needs, and for estrogen-based people to become more independent. In other words, each moves from opposite ends of the spectrum towards the middle, in order to work as teammates, sharing our gender-based gifts with the other.

    Now, because only 1 gender gets pregnant and can nurse babies, the 2 genders will never be the same, which leads to the next logical conclusion: Men should give special consideration and privileges to women, in exchange for giving them children to love and cherish.

    Unfortunately, so many men do its opposite: Commit domestic violence (physical abuse) and domestic abuse (emotional, verbal, financial, et al abuse), against their wives and the mothers of their children.

    While God, up in heaven, weeps.

    Back to the relatively more powerful influence of a man/father in a family system: The father sets the tone, almost always. If he is a good influence, the family is relatively healthy, if he's selfish instead, (including the passive selfishness of letting a damaged-in-her-childhood wife and mother abuse their children, in order to not make waves), the family is relatively dysfunctional.

    So much ripples out from the father.

    Including in Casey Anthony's case.


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