Casey Anthony Part 1

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the Caylee Anthony Case

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Caylee Anthony Case ...

Part One
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Who Killed Caylee Anthony?

I was late following the Caylee Anthony case and was surprised to discover
that rather than the open and shut case it first appeared be, there were in fact
more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie novel. I was surprised also to
discover that in the media coverage I observed, more than one member of the
Anthony family showed clear signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

After studying the case for a few weeks and coming up with our own
conclusions, Steve and I decided this was a great opportunity to harness public
interest to increase awareness about Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

As we needed a production team to pull this together we have put a small
price on the radio show that our new recording team produced for us.

The studio we recorded this in is a small family operation and I think they have
done a beautiful job producing this show and hope you will help support them
too by purchasing this program which I am sure you will find interesting.

If this endeavor goes well and we are able to pay them and the video crew that
helped make the movie above - it will mean Steve and I will be able to start making
radio shows again on a regular basis.

All proceeds are going to our production team and we will not receive any direct
financial gain from the sale this program.

Who killed Caylee Anthony?

Perhaps no one will ever know that for certain, but Steve and I have a theory
and will give our opinion of who the killer was in this first episode.

This show will also help you to better understand how codependents enable
narcissists and exactly what it is the narcissist needs so desperately from them.

Please leave your comments below and we will take these into consideration
when recording the next show in this series ...

Who Killed Caylee Anthony?
Part One

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  1. Hi Kim and Steve,

    I have very much benefitted by your experiences and offerings, and truly appreciate what you have done and are doing. That said, I watched the Caylee Anthony case VERY closely, from the first moment. As a mom, and as a rational person, and with help and knowledge from work like yours and others', I have ZERO DOUBT that Casey Anthony is a case of NPD, that her mother, Cindy, is an enabler, and that Caylee died in a premeditated act at the hands of her own mother, who was enabled by her grandmother.

    HOWEVER, I cannot bring myself to spend a single penny on the blood of that little girl, so will not be purchasing this program of yours.

    I hope you will reconsider making a profit on it. Thanks for thinking about it.

    Dawn Olson
    Williamson, NY

  2. Hi Waiting and Dawn,

    Perhaps you didn't stop and read this post? Steve and I are not profiting from the sale of this show. All proceeds are going directly to our production team. After 4 years of trying to get the media interested in NPD and our proactive views on domestic abuse - without being offered more than one radio interview, yes, as I mention in this post and movie this has been produced specifically to get media attention for this disorder.

    NPD causes domestic, emotional and physical abuse including violence and murder. We want to see a decrease in the incidence of innocent family members including children being murdered by bringing public awareness to this issue.

    If Caylee had been killed by a psychopath no one would bat an eyelid about people writing books and even making movies about the case.
    Domestic violence however is a far more common problem - but gets little or no serious attention in the media.

    There is more to this case than meets the eye. Casey is not the only person with NPD in this family and while I do not agree that people with NPD are psychopaths - yes they can sometimes commit cold blooded murder if the family dysfunction begins spiraling into system failure. We see cases of this in the media all the time.

    As for the difference between people suffering from NPD and sociopaths - that is something even the experts argue about.

    As always with this material we only hope to provide some light in the darkness to help decrease the incidence of family violence.

    Kim Cooper

  3. I shake my disbelief and disagreement. I understand you wanting to salvage your marriage. But your suggestions are to enable further..or disable by 'lock down' as one would if they operated a business in a high crime neighborhood. (I'm referring to your recent email stating that I would be abusing my emotions if my spouse was stealing from my bank account, if I didn't BLOCK my spouse from any access to my account. WHAT? I would sooner be married to a stranger than a spouse I need to take such precautions against. ? If you are happy with your arrangement living with your adult brat, great! And if others choose to follow you, fantastic! But for me and my family...we are choosing to have Adults as the head figures in the household.

    Yes, there are serious issues with the family involved in this high profile case you mention...but honestly, I agree with the previous posts...I wouldn't pay to read someone's opinion. I truly wish you the best in your search to better the world.

    J in Michigan

  4. Hello Mrs.Cooper
    I just popped in to say since I have been dealing with an extreme narcissistic personality in my boyfriend I can't wait to get your audio on this subject.Especially since I am currently doing a blog on how to stay together.My blog needs more work but We All have 2 start somewhere.

  5. Hello Kim and Steve,

    I want to thank you both for the eye opening information you have provided for us about NPD. I agree that this mental illness needs to be exposed for what it is and the general public need to be made aware that millions of people are affected by this. I am now seeing traits in the people around me and knowledge is power. We may never know who killed Caylee, but I am sure the family will never be the same because of all the lies that were told to save Casey's life from the death penalty. Her attorney used strange tactics to prove reasonable doubt and the prosecution dropped the ball as far as I am concerned. Now there are people willing to pay Casey a lot of money to tell the truth about what happened. I wonder if she will do it or just pretend to tell the truth with more lies like she has been doing all along. It made me sick when she commented she wanted to have another baby.

  6. Hi everyone and to J in Michigan ...

    I wonder, if the people in your household don't behave as adults what do you do? Abandon them? or perhaps just threaten to? As these shows unfold I hope that people will come to understand that we believe it was this very threat that precipitated Caylee's murder.

    We do not live in a perfect world and there are millions of immature adults out there. If we do not learn skills to help reparent them to maturity what hope is there for any of us?

    The biggest problem with NPD is that these people are so good at fooling people. Casey has signs of NPD sure, but she has not really been very good at fooling anyone. There is more than one member with NPD in this family and if they can fool the people close to them how much easier is it for them to fool the public.

    That is what we hope to show with this series and I know it will attract a lot of criticism because it all just looks so clear from the outside.

    Just like the charming nice guy who cheats on his wife because she is such a 'nightmare', and yes because of the way he provokes her in private she looks it!

    Casey learned to lie from someone and we would suggest they are much better at the NPD game than Casey is.

    I would love people who have tuned in to offer any facts on the case they feel are relevant.

    Keep your comments coming!

    Kim Cooper

  7. I purchased the pdf Part I in this series and I found it interesting and a bit surprising. I am now wondering how many parts there are to this "series"?...I certainly don't want to pay $10 or more to hear the whole story. I understand you say you aren't profitting from this, but I have to wonder...why do a radio show about it, when you can just publish it in written form and save having to pay a production team? That would do away with the feeling some have that anyone is profitting on Caylee's death. I'm not sure I would be willing to buy more than one more segment on this topic, even though I find it quite interesting and have been following the trial and aftermath closely.

  8. Hi anon,

    Most of the rest of the theory we are suggesting will be discussed in the next radio show.

    Writing a book or an article is extremely time consuming and I do not have the luxury of that time right now. If I wrote even a short ebook on this I would need to charge something for the time it would take me. As it is we are working on a series of emotional intelligence tutorial movies that I feel my time is much better used doing.

    Recording a radio show means that Steve and I can walk in and out of the studio and have our part done in an hour.

    There may be a few more parts after the next show - it really depends on the interest. Those shows will be elaborating more on the disorder itself and how it relates to this case.

    I am surprised at the negative reaction from people who admittedly have followed this story in the media for sometime. Reading news stories adds to a news services popularity which in turn brings in money from their advertisers.

    We are not a big news service and need to be paid for the work we do here for nothing more than to feed our families.

    Shedding light on this subject has helped Steve and I earn a living - but to be honest we are still nearly 30 thousand dollars in debt for setting up this website and online publishing business. I am not complaining because we are able to service those debts and pay our bills (not much more) and I know many people struggle with that right now. We do not own our own home and do not have holidays apart from visiting family and it is only a few years ago that we were able to buy a car.

    If you read my story only 6 years ago I was at home by myself with the kids most nights and days I spent inside hiding from debt collectors. I have worked 50 to 70 hours a week on this business and also taken care of my kids and Steve while he was in recovery. We run a live help desk and give a lot of time to people who contact us and we also give away more ebooks than we sell.

    I am not trying to say we have it harder than anyone else - but we are honest people and work hard and show valor in facing an enormous amount of criticism for helping people that NO one else has time for unless they are charging them $70 an hour minimum.

    If you feel it is wrong for us to ask a small fee for our products please just don't buy them and try and leave this space for people who want to get a better understanding of this disorder.

    I appreciate the comments and don't mind negative feedback but I hope I have made my position clear with what I am sharing here.

    I understand people are angry at Casey but we work harder than anyone you have probably ever met helping families avoid these type of tragedies.

    Kim Cooper

  9. I might also add that most other people offering their help to families dealing with NPD will treat the victim as if they are stupid and say they should SIMPLY get divorced.

    I have heard it from police, refuge workers and also cousellors more times than I can count. They will take a clients money but behind their back say "The stupid woman - she should just leave him."

    For one, divorce is never simple and secondly a person with NPD will make it nearly impossible anyway and after divorcing the problems are often worse - with the person then having to allow their even angrier partner unsupervised access to their children.

    In these shows Steve and hope to show precisely this; that it was most probably Cindy making plans to divorce George that culminated in Caylee's death.

    This is not a simple problem and not an area that is easy to spend the time we do working in.

    Kim Cooper

  10. Kim

    I have benefitted greatly over the past year or more from your short stories and other mailings within the "love safety net forum", if you will. My thoughts were always about how you must have found your true vocation in your work, as well as a way to turn all the negativity and pain into doing good works. Your short writings on that site were inspiring and credible. In recent weeks, however, my view has begun to change as I've frequently not received responses back to my emails, and am not receiving the short stories or more importantly have stopped receiving encouraging affirmations in my inbox. This has been a significant loss to me. I've begun to wonder if you stopped working. Now, receiving this mailing on the Casey Anthony case it suggests to me you are going off in a different direction. You seem less credible to me. It seems that you are trying to develop spin offs that are really geared at an Internet business type venture rather than a helping relationship type vocation. Not cool. I can't really judge from a far, so I apologize. But as far as getting a message across I can tell you this causes me to question and back away where previously I came toward. Maybe I'm
    too altruistic, but you should stick to the other. It's a
    more humble presentation that makes a better
    impact. It seems you dont need to change in order to do what you have been doing - just do it in a different medium. For my sake and others who use your insights and help desk for healing I pray you have the strength and interest to continue that effort.

  11. If you subscribe to our site at the
    you will receive personal emails and content including movies and poems for a very small monthly subscription or else you can re subscribe to my site and the emails will start over again.

    This radio show above I repeat is NOT an internet venture. We believe the media is wrong about this case and want to help spread awareness.

    I have not been writing so many free articles because my children have needed my time and I have also been working on improving our overall site at to Googles specifications.

    Google makes nearly all of the proceeds from my books sales in what they charge us for advertising and so unfortunately I have to jump to their tune and do whatever they recommend to keep costs down. That has been significant because it has meant instead of our main site having one landing page - now with their recommendations we have over 10.

    Keeping this site on line is a major struggle financially and I have only had the time in previous years to write so much free material because we had a sponsor who helped us financially. His business is now suffering however since Queensland was hit by the cyclone and storms.

    I am sorry that no one has responded to your emails - I will look into that and we generally do the best we can especially if you have a problem that needs addressing but please consider that we have had to lay off one of our help desk staff also since our benefactor has hit hard times and the help desk takes up most of Steve's day unpaid.

    As I mentioned in my previous post the only other project that has been consuming what little extra time we have is a series of instruction movies that may be sold on line for a small profit but will hopefully also be available in schools. We are a business and do not have government subsidy etc. for our work. If you want to call this an internet venture so be it, but that is the nature of our work and while we no longer have assistance from a sponsor it is impossible that I have so much time to write articles for free. These movies will hopefully reach many people.

    There is a huge archive of free articles here to choose from and building that archive has taken us years.

    We also do not wish to build reliance with our audience. We cannot support people forever and that is not our aim. It is important that you take on the skills offered here and move into a better time where your own goals are your focus.

    Nearly everyone who unsubscribes from our mailing list makes a comment like "Thank you so much for all of your help through one of the worst time of my life, but thankfully I no longer need your advice."

    This is how we want our site ( to work - and so the regular emails from me do run out after a good number of months.

    After that if you still need support as I suggested previously you can subscribe at

    Most marketers would see a list of 50 thousand codependents as a gold mine to build dependence with - but our aim is and has always been to get people back up on their feet.

    I am also hoping that our production crew make enough out of the sale of the radio shows in this series (ongoing) that we can begin making free shows again. It is much more time efficient for us to record show than for me to write.

    It was our production teams choice to put a sound track to our talking in this radio show and do all the beautiful production that they have. I think they have done a great job and shown that their hearts is truly in this and I have no problem about them being paid.

    Kim Cooper

  12. Hi Fellow Commenters.

    I have been following the work of Kim and Steve for a number of years now, and know their level of integrity and caring for the people they are helping. The good they have done in the world is now beyond calculation, in the lives of individuals and couples and also the lives of the children who are enabled to grow up in functional, loving families.

    Kim and Steve equip people in tremendously challenging situations with the skills it takes to establish a safe and honest environment in which to truly love and connect.

    Many of the people who have avidly followed the Casey Anthony trial would be from similarly dysfunctional families, desperately seeking insight into their own dire circumstances.

    Building the connection back from this case to the positive, healing guidance of Kim and Steve means that some good can come out of this otherwise dark and dispiriting story.

    If only one family found this path to their answers, I believe this approach would have been worthwhile, but I am convinced that many will begin here to find the transformation they need.

    Kim and Steve know what they are doing. Let's be on their side!

  13. How many of you posting displeasure on this thread have been inspired, awed or even forever changed by a movie, book, a song or radio show/interview? Even public radio runs fundraising drives.

    For goodness' sake, why do you have no problem paying for the newspaper with the article about Casey Anthony but somehow find it offensive that Kim and Steve have produced a radio show that explores and educates the community about the possible origins or causes of such an event?

    I have benefited so immensely from Kim and Steve's website before spending one thin dime. The free articles and book excerpts alone have given me hope and skills I never thought possible. They make me want to read or hear more. And I think I should pay for it. You'd expect to pay for the book at a bookstore, wouldn't you? You pay to go listen to a lecture, yes? Or maybe the lecture, concert, exhibit is free, but you can bet there will be a merchandise table in the lobby.

    How many "free" yoga classes or workshops have you seen advertised, only to read the "suggested donation" part at the end.

    Personality disorders are as real a threat to public health as physical disease. Let's support rooting out their causes and use the armaments of information to make the world a happier, healthier place.

    If you're truly interested in Kim and Steve's work, go ahead and pay for their services so they can keep feeding the mouths that are speaking so helpfully to you. Then decide whether or not you've gotten your money's worth.

  14. I have been following the Casey Anthony story since the day Caylee went missing.As the case developed, I couldnt help but become emotionally involved, There were so many twist's and turn's in the beginning, I will never doubt that Casey got away with murder, I learned so much regarding family dynamic's, the dysfunction involving each family member made me look at my own life, I believe the entire case was very complex,although on the surface it may not appeared that way.
    I appreciate the articles that Kim and Steve post, the insight they offer has opened my eye's to many aspect's of my life, as well as my children's lives. Thank you Kim for the time you put into what you do!!!
    Darlene Cox

  15. I support Kim and Steve. There is a cost to everything they are putting out there. Some things they make revenue on, and some things they don't. They have chosen to attempt to make a living at something they are passionate about. That is a wonderful thing. They still need money to live, just like the rest of us. I have been very pleasantly surprised by all the free materials and support they have provided me. Please put yourself in their shoes and have some empathy.

  16. I would like to point out one other thing. My husband and I have paid MUCH more for counseling (which made things worse) than all of Kim and Steve's books combined (one counseling session cost us about as much as all of the books). I don't know if I'll pay to watch the Casey Anthony info. or not. They are making it available. As Kim said, if you don't want it, don't buy it.

    They saved my marriage and made me a happier person for under $100. That's what I would call a bargain.

  17. Hey Kim
    I really liked the show on Casey's Anthony case - I find it very interesting and I think it is a great way to open public's eye on the NPD issue. THere is no doubt NPD was the problem in that family like it is in many others. Great work. And the production was simply great ! Amazing work for the whole team I m looking forward to next parts and also to your other shows on different topics.

    Also I agree with ANonymous right above my comment. I also spent thausands of $$ on marriage therapy but what saved me was Kim and Steve's work and especially Kim's books and kindness. Her work is amazing and yes I agree that's the best bargain in my life !

    Thanks Kim

  18. I think you should be making some kind of profit from the Anthony's case radio show in my opinion so I would raise the price so u guys can get paid for your time.
    I don't think it is fair that you don't and I feel bad that you don't get paid for it - this was the other reason of me purchasing the file in the first place to support you guys !

  19. The people complaining sound like a bunch of codependents unaware that they are sucking the life out of the people around them (Kim and Steve.) I am currently learning about codependency through them. I can't imagine how difficult if has been for Kim and Steve to try get through this debilitating family situation, then have the ability to put it all together, try to share it with others and keep the family going. Shame on you people for even thinking it is okay to judge them on trying to get more media attention on this subject. It has been amazing to me how many people I know that are affected by this but how little help is out there for families to address it and get healthy. Thank you Kim and Steve for all you have done/do.

  20. I bought your casey Anthony part 1 and I found it very interesting. I am seeking to understand more about the dynamic in this family. I was left feeling very angry at Casey's aquittal, and I would like to hear your take on what role she may have had in her daughter's death. So every day I check to see if part 2 is up yet.
    I am still having a hard time believing that George may have killed his own grandaughter. It leaves a lot of obvious questions unanswered.
    Anyway, I await your next episoded.

  21. I have been helped immeasurably by the self help files Kim has created and offered. May you be greatly empowered to continue this vital work, bringing rhyme and reason to living with family members with deep emotional immaturity. I will do everything i can to support your work. I agree with your theories on the Casey Anthony case. I suspected the same myself.
    Thank-you so much, God bless.

  22. I have not been following the case neither have I looked at the series as yet, but I just want to say that I appreciate what Kim and Steve are doing. I lived with my NPD husband for 23 years and knew something was wrong but did not know what until I came to your website.I had been to more than one trained psychologist and numerous counsellors and not 1 was able to help me in anyway. In fact, 1 of them after a few sessions didn't want me to come back or even contact him. I feel just like Kim that there needs to be more public awareness to stop a lot of domestic violence. i would like to get this awareness into the whole social system of my country. Please be encouraged Kim and keep up the fight. To those who are for abandoning the person, if you discovered your spouse had some chronic ailment that would require extra care on your part would you abandon him/her?

  23. I too appreciate the work the Coopers do and have been very greatly assisted by their work and I will never understand why people complain about having to pay small amounts for their books, audios and other materials. Are they supposed to live off nothing? And if they got other jobs and didn't do this full-time then those same people would complain that they never hear from them anymore. It's pretty simple - they do this and put lots of info out there and because of the time and effort they put in we have to pay a little bit to get access to it. Just like newspapers, books, counsellors and other avenues we turn to for information and guidance.

    But I will agree with one 'negative' point above about sometimes the work seems to get off-track. For instance, the addenum to this which should be called 'narcissim from the view of a Christian' and the blog about the trees where city leaders are accused of being narcissistic because they want to chop down trees. Maybe these people are bad managers, bad conservationists, poor planners but narcissists?? It's very dangerous if you ask me to give the N label without really knowing the people at all and because they are doing something you don't agree with.

    And bringing religious beliefs into a site that is supposed to be for everyone regardless of their beliefs creates division (for e.g. one commenter on that blog implied that people who don't believe in Jesus have no hope at salvation) - how is that helpful? We're supposed to be supporting each other and I'd rather focus on what we all have in common (a family member, partner or friend with N or N tendencies) rather than what separates us, and certainly am not likely to feel very supported by people who think their beliefs (which are very heavily influenced by culture, education, early experiences etc) are the only valid ones.

  24. Kim,

    I wanted to say that I think you are a brilliant, strong woman with a heart of gold. It is so frustrating to me to watch so many people here who seem to have their own Ego agenda criticize the wisdom you offer because it threatens their own identity.

    My husband suffers from a degree of NPD along with ADD. This combination has caused my children and I a considerable amount of pain as it does produce a lot of behaviors from him that are emotionally abusive to us, even physically at times because of his frustration and subsequent anger.

    I bought a book and exposed him to the idea of narcissism. Thankfully, we had been in therapy long enough that he was open enough to consider the information. He then went on his own search journey, found you and Steve, and bought your program immediately because he recognized himself in the video of Steve's story.

    Our journey has been a tough one because it is hard for anyone, let alone an extremely shame based person, to admit their faults and learn a new way of working with the world. Our therapist has gone a long way showing my husband how his behavior is still that of a child and that this will never do in an adult world. I thank God every day that he has reached a place of hearing the truth, though he still struggles daily to overcome his old ways of thinking and responding.

    NPD is a very painful disorder that can be very confusing to understand. It does result in all sorts of scenarios where things escalate to domestic violence and child abuse. I wanted to say thank you so much for all of your various attempts to open the worlds eyes to this condition and just how widespread it is. Unfortunately, our culture is so inundated with this type of behavior that people are desensitized to it and make excuses rather than taking a stand and making it a priority to address it with education from an early age.

    Here's to you making a dent! I appreciate you!!



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