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Hi all - I will take a risk today and let you very close to my heart and personal values.

I am so sorry that I haven't had much time in the last month or so for people commenting here but I promise I will try and catch up soon. Steve has also said he will hop in and answer some comments as soon as he is able.

What has sidetracked us both is our local council's (city hall's) decision to cut down a whole row of the most beatiful (and giant) trees in our city. Steve and I don't usually get involved in politics but I believe me sharing a bit more of what has been going on in our personal lives is relevant to our discussions here at the Narcissism Daily Mirror and I hope you find my tale today interesting ...

Over the last few years I have had my own favorite ways to self soothe. I once used the audio products we produced together with Sarah Chambers for this purpose. I still believe in Sarah's work but unfortunately she refused to acknowledge our part in marketing and developing her work and felt she could go into competition with us without compensating us for all the work we had done and the royalties we had paid her. After she made the decision to hire someone to intimidate our family forcing us to remove the products we had produced for her (in good faith) I made the decison that for me to keep focused on my own goals I needed to cut ties with Sarah with as few complications (legally and otherwise) as possible and so I agreed to remove her products from our site even though this was grossly unfair to us. 

As I rebuilt our site and worked on new audios to replace the ones I had produced for Sarah (but had been forced to shelve) another irony dawned on me which was that Sarah's voice was now no longer something I wanted to listen to to calm down (lol).

Luckily I had been offered  the Wellness Audio Institute amazing range of Brain Wave Entrainment Albums to try and I can honestly share that they work - because it was these recordings which kept me on track through the terrible stress this situation with Sarah caused me.

But the lesson hadn't finished for me and little did I know that one of my other favorite options for calming down was also soon to be violated. If you have read much of my writing you will know that walking under (or imagining I am walking under) the giant trees in our city is something that always works to calm me down if I am angry or upset.

As fate would have it these very same trees that I hold so dear to my heart are now on 'skid row' and for the past 4 months or so we have been fighting our local government to save them.

Now when I think about the trees I just get angry about the people who want to destroy them. 
The lesson for me in this I believe is valor. Because sometimes calming down and thinking things through just isn't enough. We need to get mad enough to take a few risks and take action.

With Sarah I backed down and stayed focused on my own goals and projects - but with the trees it is different and we have decided to take a stand.

So the movie below is part of what Steve and I have been doing to help in the fight to save our city's trees.

We both remain commited in our role as champions of those living with domestic abuse and hope we will always be here for everyone who need us, but until this is resolved with our city's officials, these trees need us too and we will do all that we can to save them.

I am very proud of this movie and I hope you will watch it to the end and if you have YouTube account you will please comment on the movie on YouTube.

If there is anything you can do to help us in our fight, please let us know as we have only a week until they are scheduled to be cut down. Otherwise we will be back with you with more relationship advice as soon as possible ....

Hang in there and stay cool (-: 

Kim Cooper


  1. It could be difficult to understand the reasons for some desicions. I think you are doing a great job posting this and if in addition you post the name of responsible parties (i.e. landscape architects, city infrastructure manager, city major, natural resources manager, etc.) and addresses or just the address of the counsil and the major you might even get some people from other countries writting to the counsil. Then it would be more than a local effort, it can become a global effort. Best of luck!

  2. Light shines from many lamps. Maybe that lamp overheated. Or blew a fuse or something.

  3. It seems a shame to "pave paradise and put up a parking lot". These trees are playing an important part in urban well-being.

  4. I, too, derive peace and serenity from walking amongst the aged trees in my community. Our town actually protects trees along its streets. It is against city ordinances to cut down a healthy tree; however, it wasn't always this way.
    I hope you win this battle, but even if you don't, don't give up. Keep fighting to make changes so that the next generation can enjoy the strength and beauty of trees.
    Thank you for your website and the products and links that you offer. They have been such a blessing to me, my family, and my friends. You are doing a great service to the world by educating others on narcissism. You give such hope. Bless you both.

  5. I realize this is coming late, but I am sorry to hear about the trees. I hope they weren't successful in allocating money toward what IS arguably a pointless endeavor.

    I live in another country, so there is not much I can personaly do, but I want to wish you good luck with it if they haven't yet put their plan into action.

    Even if they have made a decision to remove the trees, there may still be time to recall that decision if enough people are upset.

    There may be someone in the news or local government whom you can contact. This sounds like something the news *should* be interested in - government spending on cutting down trees when they could be working on more important issues in the city.

    You may be able to find a local activist group (perhaps a pro-nature group?) who has alot of experience with civil protest - at the very least they should be able to offer advice, and may wish to offer support.

  6. Thanks for the interest everybody! So far, So good. We've delayed the chainsaws for the last couple of weeks. Some very intelligent and passionate people in our movement have taken the City Council to court, and have had a couple of deferrals that has saved the trees temporarily. This has been a little new for Kim and I, and we've taken a step back of late while the courts do their thing, but we are really encouraged, I think we'll be able to keep the trees. I hope so anyway. So many people in the community want the trees to stay and this has become a campaign as much about the people being heard by politicians as it is about the environment. Thanks, Steve.

  7. i want to offer my support of encouragment. you and your husband are doing a heck of a good job. Yeah I know too that it is so pointless to kill our beautiful trees as they are us and without them we can't be the community(FOREST) that works hard to protect us all FROM STORMS, SEE THAT OUR TREES ARE OUR PTOTECTION, IS THAT WHY THEY ARE GOING TO BE DESTROYED? NO DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN. THINK OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN, YOUR FAMILIES, YOUR FUTURE FOR THEM..KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB STEVE AND KIM...

  8. Dear Steve, what a great way to record a moving piece for your heart's passion! And a passion I share here in my home town. The plight of these trees is as great a plight that we all must fight to save, and I say Bravo! for your efforts. Now let's hope, in today's depleted economic climate, that your council got the message. Looks like y'all had a great turn out to boot! Please update us on this subject and what we all can do to get more active in helping our local governments to make more sane decisions regarding our precious wildlife.
    Here in Dallas,Texas, we do have local laws that say for how many trees are cut down for 'progress', a certain number of new ones must be planted in order to replace them. So say you cut down large old trees, and only if it's a no other option situation- you must replace the caliper total of the trees with new ones. Those old one of New Castle would be a virtual forest of small new ones! It would be ridiculous to attempt in such a setting one would think if y'all had the same law! At any rate, I wish for the tree's survival, and praise the coming together of peoples there to save them!
    God bless!

  9. Hi everyone! WoW, thanks for the support. The trees are still standing!! We've been really successful in raising awareness for the issue. We've got thousands of signatures, and loads of really positive support from most residents. It's been lots of fun getting to know people through this issue. Just waiting on word from the Land and Environment court to see what is the next stage of the battle. THANKS for everyone's interest and support, we really appreciate it and it has helped us hold faith. Kim and I also have a small glimmer of hope in regard to our disagreement with Sarah Chambers. We can't go into details here, but we believe we may be able to offer a limited range of her quality products again soon after many months of unsuccessful negotiations. We hope so anyway, Thanks everyone, so much, for the support. Steve Cooper.


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