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Just a quick post today. We have redesigned our website with a new look and feel and I would love everyones feedback. Once you subscribe on the site a second page opens instantly with a movie of us talking which I would especially love your comments on. Does it play on your computer? Is our message clear? Is there anything you want to share about what we are saying?

What is narcissism and how does it start? ...


I know there is a lot to read on the front page but I have put an enormous amount of time into answering these questions as simply and clearly as I can.

Here's your chance to tell us how we are doing - I really do appreciate your honest feedback!

Kim Cooper


  1. Liked this post a lot Kim, thanks, it truly is the most difficult thing to do but you're right, staying present and conscious of the emotions and feelings that are going on without reacting from them is so freeing and powerful and I long to get there :)

  2. Hi Kim, the site looks good :) although the movie of you and Steve talking played the sound kept breaking up like when a mobile phone doesn't have a good signal so couldn't hear what you were saying...... your message is a good one, thanks and well done to the two of you for hanging in and making it work, I would like to get there but some days doubt that so much change for me, and him is possible....... keep up the good work, thanks for the love safety net, it's a lifeline :)

  3. Hi Kim,like the rose the sound kept breaking

  4. Hey Kim, I haven't listened, so I can't comment on that. I only am just now looking at your site. What I like, as I look at it initially, is what looks to be the ease of focusing in on and reading about a particular aspect of narcissism. My husband certainly has this; but, seems to be an encapsulation that goes with the other disorders he has been diagnosed with. After 22 years, I finally understand and know that sometimes a woman just has to take care of herself and move on. Thanks. Anne

  5. Hi Kim, Your web page looks good. Can't cope with reading much of it. Very raw at moment. Just read Ann's comment and I agree with her completely. I have stayed too long with a cheating husband. At no time was he faithful, even after begging forgiveness and promising no more. Game over for me. Hope no other women stay too long like me. Thanks. May

  6. Hi Kim, I have a girlfriend for about four years she keeps finishing it with me and we get back together. She was diagnosed Narcastic & histronic personality disorder. I have really tried helping her to try and she is now seeing a specalist as part of pilot scheme. Think she now has developed a strong liking for her consellor. she now just shuts me out and says we can't be together because I don't give her space. i feel so weak because I still love her. I don't know what to do. Feel like all my support has be for nothing. Still trying to work my way around the website. Are you able to give me advice. YOur words on here have helped me to realise I am not on my own. M

  7. I liked the tabs on top better in the last version, I liked being able to switch between subjects, but I think it looks good and works fine.

  8. Hi Kim and Steve:

    The video was very clear and easy to understand. You guys presented the information very well. Thanks for your hard work and your continued writings.


  9. Hi

    I saw you recomanded to read Catch Him and Keep Him,as far as i have understood this is the same person that have made Double Your Dating and Attraction isn't a choise dating advice for men,i have been reading all of them and they are very close a training in how a narcissist person natural behave to men/women.I have to admit that a lot of it is true,in how to make you attractive for men/women.What is your connection with this sub-culture? Anyway the book give some good dating advice in connection with normal men with normal feelings and able to connect in a normal way.

  10. Hi guys,
    Havn't dropped by in a while. Husband and I are in the middle of a long journey that never would have begun without your support. My sons and I thankyou for doing everything you do. Thanks for all the emails and giving me hope in my darkest hours. Love the upgrades, less intense. Or maybe thats me.

  11. Dear Kim
    I truly love my ex. We got divorced one year ago because he had accumulated debts (and still wont say where the money went). We still loved eachother but the stress level was too high and he just wouldn't open up and he felt I wanted to controp him. He got his own place + a job and now he wants to show everyone he can live by himself and he doesn't need me (or my money). He has low self esteem but knows how to manipulate. You see his mother died in a car accident ,,,and she was 8 months pregnent. This is how he came to life/ the day his mother died. He always goes back to this story in order to explain why he is still at 43 disfonctional in society. He has great qualities and can be a loving husband and father (but it seems his needs always come first.

    lately he has made some efforts: he wants to participate financially for the boys, he calls me often to see how I am. I stay cool, I never call him but I am "welcoming". I want him to know that I am there if he needs me but he needs to show what he can do.
    I would take him back if he came clear and if he accepted to go to therapy with me.

    I feel there is hope (
    we were together for 17 years)

    How do you think I should go about it? Am I doing the right thing by just being there?


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